“Thank you for always helping us out with our pool! We really appreciate it!”

Herman & Sylvia

“Thank you for you all the wonderful service on the pool at my Father’s house. We will not hesitate to highly recommend your company to anyone who needs help with their pool”

The Robersons

“Jerry this letter is to commend you on your excellence in, not only pool construction, but in pool service.

Jerry, we have had a pool for over 30 years, so we have some experience as a pool owner and I can assure you that over those 30 years we have never had better service than we have had with you. You and Sandy clearly take great pride in your work. You are dependable, trustworthy and well schooled on all phases of pool service and pool construction. If we have a problem, you are there promptly and you always try to keep the cost at a minimum. Sandy is often the one doing the cleaning and I must say we enjoy her weekly pool cleaning visits. She is delightful, always has a smile on her face, and always leaves the pool sparkling as well!

On the construction side, you supervised the construction of the pool at our current home (about 5 years ago). It is one of the prettiest home pools i have seen. It is certainly the nicest pool we have ever had (this is our third). We have had zero problems with the pool other than standard maintenance. Anytime you had to replace something like a pump, you made sure advantages were taken of any warranties and you shopped for the best deal. You have always showed a very personal interest in making sure we got quality professional service. We appreciate it! Thanks for a job well done. 

Feel free to use this letter with prospective customers and also feel free to bring them by to see the pool or to just visit about your service.”

 Dr. Henry Gray